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1. Although a City decal will not be issued, will I still be charged a fee?
2. Will I receive a bill in the mail for my City License Fee?
3. How much is the City License Fee?
4. When is the City License Fee due?
5. How do I pay my City License Fee?
6. What will happen if I do not pay my City License Fee on time?
7. What will happen if I do not pay my City License Fee in the current year?
8. If I have owned my vehicle for two years and never paid a City License Fee, will I be required to pay for those outstanding years even though there is no longer a City decal?
9. When should I notify the Commissioner of Revenue's office?
10. If I receive 100% tax credit under the Personal Property Tax Relief Act for my vehicle, which is valued at $1,000 or less and used for non-business purposes, will I receive a bill for my City License
11. If I purchase a new vehicle during the year, will I be able to transfer my paid City License Fee from my old vehicle to the new one?
12. If I move from Chesapeake to another state and/or city, will I receive a refund for my City License Fee?
13. If I am in the active-duty military and a non-resident of Virginia, do I have to pay the City License Fee?
14. What is Filing by Exception?
15. How does Filing by Exception differ from the Annual Vehicle Filing?
16. How will the City know when I purchase another vehicle?
17. How long after a change in location or other triggering event should I notify the Commissioner?