Chesapeake Bay Preservation Area (CBPA)

  1. CBPA Appeal Application

  2. CBPA Exception Application

Chesapeake Board of Historic & Architectural Review

  1. South Norfolk Initiative Story Map

Chesapeake Environmental Improvement Council

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Chesapeake Health Department

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Chesapeake OPEB Finance Board

  1. Finance Department

Chesapeake Public Schools

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Chesapeake Thrives Resources - Aging in the Community

  1. Chesapeake Senior Resource Guide (PDF)

    Helpful contact information and links for seniors.

  2. Senior Services of Southeastern Virginia

    Supports seniors and their families through advocacy, education, information, and comprehensive services.

  3. SeniorNavigator

    Free resource information associated with aging, disabilities, post-military life, and overall well-being.

  4. Parks, Recreation & Tourism Senior Programs

    Senior programs and events for ൿ and Better".

Circuit Court Clerk - E-Filing

  1. CSC eRecording

  2. Simplifile

Commissioner of the Revenue

  1. Open a Business

  2. Pay taxes

Connect with Chesapeake Conference Center

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Connect with Chesapeake Economic Development

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Connect with Chesapeake Fire Department

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Connect with Chesapeake Health Dept

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Connect with Chesapeake Human Services

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Connect with Chesapeake Public Communications Department

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Connect with Chesapeake Public Library

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Connect with Chesapeake Sheriff

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Connect with Chesapeake Travel Information

  1. Twitter: Chesapeake Roads (Travel advisories)

Connect with Chesapeake Voter Registration

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Development & Permits How Do I File a Report

  1. Working without a permit

Economic Development Authority

  1. Chesapeake Economic Development Website

Employee Benefits

  1. Notice of Privacy Practices (PDF)

Footer - Quick Links - Parks, Recreation, tourism

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  3. Historical Services

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  5. Rentals

Judge Pro Tempore Program

  1. Calendar of Availability

Library Board

  1. Chesapeake Library

Local Board of Building Code Appeals

  1. Department of Development and Permits

Membership Facilities

  1. Community Centers

  2. Dog Parks

  3. Skate Park

Natural Event Mitigation Advisory Committee

  1. 2022 Hampton Roads Hazard Mitigation Plan

Parks, Recreation and Tourism - Social Media

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Public Works Department

  1. View Street Sweeping Schedule

Public Works Resources

  1. Public Facilities Manual

Senior Citizens - Commissioner of the Revenue

  1. Real Estate Tax Relief

  2. Commissioner of the Revenue's Office

Senior Citizens - Parks, Recreation & Tourism

  1. Senior Program Information

  2. Leisure Classes and Programs

Transportation Toll Facility Advisory Committee

  1. Public Works Department

  2. Chesapeake Expressway

  3. Dominion Boulevard

Utility Review Board

  1. Public Utilities Department