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Cameras Used to Stop Thieves, Offenders & Delinquents in Your Area (CUSTODY)

  1. The City of Chesapeake, in partnering with the community, has started the Cameras Used to Stop Thieves, Offenders, and Delinquents in Your Area (CUSTODY) program, in which citizens can voluntarily share information regarding any cameras located on their business or residence. This information is then mapped and used to help prevent crimes from occurring as well as providing potential evidence for active cases. If you are interested in joining this initiative, please fill out the following form:

  2. Location Type
  3. Color Vision
  4. Night Vision
  5. Audio
  6. Amount of time

  7. Back Up Duration Time In
  8. (Example streets that are visible, DVD burning capabilities, etc.)

  9. How Is My Data Used?

    The Chesapeake Police Department will utilize this data in order to plot all camera points on a map. This information will be used for investigative purposes only and can be used while mapping nearby crimes. If it is found that crimes are happening near your location, detectives may contact you in order to review your video and see if any information exists. By doing this, it provides detectives with potential leads and helps to ensure your community stays safe.

    If you are currently enrolled in this program and would like to be removed, please email Jenny Phelps or call 757-382-8327.

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