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City of Chesapeake Locality License Plate for Beautification and Conservation

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  2. City of Chesapeake Locality License Plate for Beautification and Conservation
  3. Program History

    In 1995, City Council Member Alan P. Krasnoff proposed the concept of the City license plates. City Council voted to approve the plates and directed that the funds be used for beautification projects and the plates be promoted and managed by the Chesapeake Environmental Improvement Council (CEIC).

  4. Program Description

    A City of Chesapeake Locality License Plate for Beautification and Conservation can be purchased at any Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) office or online at DMV.Virginia.Gov. The plate has an annual cost of $25 plus the cost of registration and personalization (if any). Of this cost, $15 will be used to fund Chesapeake beautification projects. This $15 portion of the cost may be tax deductible.

  5. Procedures for Requesting Funds for Landscape Improvements to City Property
    1. Any resident or employee of the City of Chesapeake, including Chesapeake Environmental Improvement Council (CEIC) members and community/civic organizations, may submit a request to use license plate funds to beautify City-owned property.
    2. Requesters must complete the form below which will be electronically submitted to the Environmental Programs division of Parks, Recreation and Tourism.
    3. All requests received will then be forwarded to the CEIC Landscape Committee. The Committee will evaluate the requests based on the criteria below and provide prioritized recommendations to the full CEIC for approval or denial. 
    4. If approved by the CEIC, the plan will be forwarded to Parks, Recreation and Tourism for their input, approval and subsequent guidance.
    5. Upon completion of project, the group applying for funds must adopt the spot through the Adopt-A-Garden agreement with Public Works.
  6. Criteria for Selecting Beautification Projects
    • Impact on the community - higher priority to high visibility and high traffic spaces and buildings
    • Current state of existing landscaping - age, condition, maintenance cost, value to environment and wildlife
    • Cost to renovate and availability of funds
    • Feasibility
    • Ongoing maintenance costs and commitment from group responsible for maintaining site upon project completion. Please note that the responsible party shall cover the costs to maintain the site after the initial project is complete.
    • Future construction plans that could impact landscaping
  7. License Plate Fund Request Application Form
  8. Beautification Plan - are you requesting City guidance?*
  9. Can your group accommodate reimbursement of funds upon completion of project?*
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