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Online Volunteer Application - Chesapeake Thrives


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    1. Dear Prospective Volunteer:

      Thank you for your interest in Community Programs and your desire to volunteer with our organization. In our efforts to promote positive change in at-risk youth and their families we need volunteers to serve as mentors, advocates, teachers, and role models to boys and girls of all ages. The children and youth we serve are referred by the Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court, churches, schools and other community agencies.

      As a volunteer with Community Programs, you can choose from a variety of programs that interest you from court-oriented programs to environmental programs to employment and family-building programs. Volunteering just a few hours each week or month offers you the opportunity to help troubled youth learn to help themselves and find positive ways to live their lives.

      If you should have any questions about the following form, please feel free to call me at 382-8196. Thank you for your desire to help our youth and for your volunteer commitment.

      Mary R. Riley
      Program Administrator
      Community Programs

      "The City of Chesapeake adheres to the principles of equal employment opportunity. This policy extends to all programs and services supported by the City."