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Station 7: Saint Brides

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The original Station 7 was built and opened in 1958. It opened with 1 paid firefighter and a volunteer company. The Saint Brides Volunteer Company purchased a used ambulance shortly thereafter to augment the 1 engine that Norfolk County purchased (1959 Ford/American LA France 500/750). The station was originally built as a community center with teenage dances on weekends.

The new Station 7 was completed in 2001 at 3444 S Battlefield Boulevard It was built in conjunction with the Chesapeake Police Department which house the 6th precinct. The location of the station is within 5 miles of the North Carolina border, and goes by the name of "The Border Patrol" by its members. Station 7 plays an important role in the cities rural firefighting. Station 7 house a brush truck and a gator used for rural firefighting. Station 7 also houses the HRMMS MRAT that is used for specialty events. Station 7 also performs ladder testing for the city, provides graphic work through Sign Wizards, and also maintains city radio equipment. Station 7 houses 1 engine (2007 Pierce Quantum Pumper/Tanker), and 1 medic unit. Station 7 has mutual aid agreements and responds regularly, both fire and rescue, with Virginia Beach, Northwest Radio Station, and Currituck, North Carolina.