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Station 4: B.M. Williams

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Chesapeake Station Number 4 - Battlefield

In 1962, one year prior to the City of Chesapeake's founding, Station 4 was built on Battlefield Boulevard and identified as Washington Borough Station 2. The following year in 1963, Norfolk County and the City of South Norfolk merged, forming the City of Chesapeake and the Chesapeake Fire Department. Throughout its ever-changing career, 60 years and counting, Station 4 has been home to the Hazmat team as well as Tower 4, both of which are now located at Station 5 in Great Bridge. Station 4 currently spearheads the department's Marine team with the City's largest Fire Boat 1. The CFD Marine Team is a member of the Port of Virginia Marine Incident Response Team responsible for providing Maritime Search and Rescue, Waterborne Firefighting capabilities and under water search through side scan sonar and a remotely operated vehicle. Station 4 operates with five pieces of apparatus; Engine 4, Engine 24, Medic 4, Medic 24 and Fire Boat 1. Station 4 operates with a daily minimum staffing of 8 Firefighter / EMTs and has consistently been ranked as one of the busiest stations in the city. The men and women of Battlefield take pride in upholding our Mission statement by providing responsive and caring service at the highest level each and every day.