Who designed the memorial?

The memorial was designed by Wayne J. Sarapata, a long-time member and former Chairman of the Chesapeake Mayor's Commission on Veterans Affairs. With the artistic assistance of Ms. Tami Koletski of Chesapeake, a conceptual drawing was made and given to Retnauer Designs Associates and Moffat and Nichols Engineering who provided the architectural and engineering expertise needed to finalize the plans. Along with many generous businesses and individuals, there were numerous Commission members whose efforts were pivotal to making the dream a reality. Most noteworthy were the efforts of such men as Ray Hurst, Al Horton, and Craig Vance; all volunteers and 100% patriots.

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1. Where is the Chesapeake Veterans Memorial located?
2. Who designed the memorial?
3. How was the memorial funded?
4. How are donations being used?
5. Is my donation tax deductible?
6. How many brick pavers / plaques are there in the memorial?
7. What is the inscription on the memorial?
8. Who is eligible to have a plaque placed in the memorial?
9. Must a veteran be deceased before having a plaque placed in memorial?
10. Who can order a plaque?
11. How do I order a personalized plaque?
12. Can I pay with a credit card?
13. How long does it take to receive a plaque once the order has been placed?
14. What is the most common mistake made when ordering a plaque?
15. Can family members have their plaques placed next to each other?
16. Will I be called when my plaque is received?
17. How do I know where my plaque is located?
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