What's the difference between "Dead End" and "No Outlet" signs?

Dead End vs. No Outlet signs

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1. What's the latest with the Deep Creek Bridge Replacement Project?
2. What's the latest with the Elbow Road Widening Project?
3. What's the update on the Master Transportation Plan?
4. What projects is the City looking to get federal funding for?
5. Why is construction done during the day?
6. Where can I find information regarding Stormwater?
7. Stormwater: What are we paying for?
8. What is the City's schedule for clearing ditches?
9. Where can I place a service request to report a clogged ditch?
10. Can we build a comprehensive stormwater management plan?
11. Where can I learn more about stormwater maintenance plans in Chesapeake?
12. What's happening with road conditions and projects, particularly in southern Chesapeake?
13. What's happening with curbs and gutters?
14. How does the City prioritize paving?
15. How are you addressing the potholes throughout the City?
16. Where can I learn more about pothole repairs in Chesapeake?
17. When will Mount Pleasant Road be repaved from Cooper's Ditch to Centerville Turnpike?
18. Does road resurfacing include leveling of manhole covers?
19. What's the latest on sidewalks?
20. What's the update on traffic on Battlefield Boulevard South?
21. How are speed limits set?
22. How does the City address reports of speeding in neighborhoods?
23. What are the bridge lift schedules?
24. Are traffic signals synchronized?
25. What's the process for installing new traffic signals?
26. How do I request a new traffic signal?
27. Do crosswalk buttons really work?
28. What's the difference between "Dead End" and "No Outlet" signs?
29. Does Chesapeake have long-term plans for bike paths?
30. How do we get street name signs replaced?
31. How do I request a street sign replacement?
32. Can the old street name sign be purchased after they’re changed?
33. How can we find out the history of our street name?
34. How can I contact the Wallace Memorial History Room at the Central Library?
35. How can I contact the Historic Preservation Commission?
36. Who maintains street lights and how do we report a broken light?
37. How can I learn more about street lights?
38. How do I report a broken street light?
39. Who trims tree branches that are hanging over power lines?
40. How is Chesapeake addressing litter in the right-of-way?
41. How can we keep Chesapeake residents better informed about preserving our waterways and environment?
42. Where should we put trash / recycling bins when they're not at the curb?
43. What are the ordinances regarding trash and recycling bins?
44. How can I learn about tolling?
45. Why were tolls increased on the Chesapeake Expressway?
46. When will the tolls on the Dominion Boulevard Veterans Bridge and the Chesapeake Expressway go away?
47. Is there tolling relief for those who take the Dominion Boulevard Veterans Bridge every day?
48. How does Public Works work together with the Planning Department to determine infrastructure level of service?