Why did Chesapeake cancel curbside recycling?

We have experienced critical staffing shortages in many areas that have impacted our ability to provide core services. For example, throughout much of the past year, we have had a vacancy rate of approximately 50% in our Solid Waste Management division. This has led to suspension of bulk trash collection and has even challenged our ability to provide weekly trash pickup. 

We’ve had similar vacancy concerns in other core service areas including our 911 dispatch center. In addition, last summer, local cities significantly boosted public safety pay and offered bonuses encouraging police officers to stay with our City. 

In order to remain competitive, we have implemented pay increases and bonus programs to ensure that we can provide these core services. In order to pay for these services, City Council has identified a series of cost saving measures to redirect existing funding to areas of highest priority. Canceling the recycling contract was just one of several cost saving measures identified. 

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1. Why did Chesapeake cancel curbside recycling?
2. Why was recycling included as one of the cost savings measures?