What is the criteria for choosing intersections for photo enforcement?

Photo Enforced Traffic Light SignOne of the criteria for choosing intersections for photo enforcement cameras is high accident or crash locations. Another consideration is the number of red light running violations occurring at the intersection. Our challenge is to modify driver behavior at the location in order to reduce or eliminate crashes. Our goal is to improve public safety at all of our City intersections. The data has clearly shown that enforcement cameras positively contribute to a reduction in red light running at all of our monitored intersections.

The risks involved when failing to yield the right-of-way for a pedestrian or another driver and being in a right angle or rear end collision are enormous.

Virginia State Code Section 15.2-968.1: Use of photo-monitoring systems to enforce traffic light signals provides for the capturing of red light violations under Section 46.2-833, 46.2-835, and 46.2-836.

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1. Why do we need this?
2. How does it work?
3. How many intersections will be monitored?
4. Do red light running cameras really reduce crashes at intersections?
5. Do cameras photograph every vehicle passing through an intersection?
6. What kind of violation will be issued and what would the penalty be?
7. How will I know which intersections have red light cameras?
8. How is the timing interval determined between the red, yellow and green traffic lights at an intersection?
9. Isn't the main purpose of red light cameras to make money?
10. Does the system enforce running right turns on red?
11. What happens if my vehicle is caught running a red light?
12. How do I review the violation and pay the penalty?
13. Does the City of Chesapeake have a local ordinance as required by Virginia State Code 15.2-968.1?
14. Why did the City of Chesapeake give drivers a 30-day red light running warning period at the location where a camera system is activated?
15. What happens if an officer issues a summons to the driver of a vehicle and the red light camera also captures the vehicle during the red light running violation?
16. What happens when the camera captures a Chesapeake city vehicle?
17. What happens when the camera captures a commercial motor vehicle or a vehicle that is owned by a company or state or local agency that has a fleet of vehicles?
18. What if I still have additional questions?
19. What is Virginia's "Right Turn on Red" Law?
20. What is the criteria for choosing intersections for photo enforcement?
21. What is the process for the violation enforcement?
22. What is the process for viewing the violation?
23. What is the Penalty?
24. How Can I Learn More?