Will the bridge be tolled?


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1. How can I receive traffic alerts?
2. Will the bridge be tolled?
3. What is this project?
4. Who oversees this project?
5. What is the City’s responsibility in this project?
6. When did construction begin and when is it expected to be completed?
7. Why are there so many lane closures and traffic shifts?
8. How can I find out about future lane closures and traffic shifts?
9. Why can’t you lift tolls on the Dominion Boulevard Veterans Bridge?
10. Why can’t you change the traffic signals in the surrounding areas?
11. Why are concrete barriers placed at the construction site, specifically the dedicated turn lane from Moses Grandy Trail to George Washington Hwy N?
12. Will vehicles still be able to use the bridge during construction?
13. How does the added traffic affect public safety’s ability to respond to emergencies?
14. How is the traffic impact to schools in the area being handled?
15. Why have left turns been prohibited from northbound George Washington Hwy S onto westbound Moses Grandy Trail?