Are cash tolls accepted?

No cash tolls will be collected. This is an "open road" tolling facility, meaning there will be no stopping at toll booths. Everything will be electronic. Motorists will have the option to pay via E-ZPass transponder or by mailed invoices. Sensors are on an over-head structure to read transponders or license plate numbers.

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1. Why is the Dominion Boulevard Veterans Bridge tolled?
2. What is the toll rate?
3. Are cash tolls accepted?
4. Is there a commuter/local, veterans, student or any other discounted rate?
5. Where is the toll gantry located?
6. What is the speed limit through the toll gantry?
7. Why wasn't the toll gantry placed near the North Carolina state line?
8. Will I be tolled in both directions?
9. When will the tolls come off the Dominion Boulevard Veterans Bridge?
10. Is there a private partner that will receive a portion of the tolls?