How long does it take to obtain an Outdoor Special Event Permit?

The application will be distributed to all City departments and public agencies affected by your event, which may also need to issue additional permits. Each department or agency will review the Permit Application only if all forms are completed and all necessary information and supporting documents are included. You will be contacted individually by these departments or agencies only if they have specific questions or concerns about your event. Please be aware that in some cases you may have to contact federal, state or local agencies in addition to the City of Chesapeake.

Event Coordination staff shall act upon the Outdoor Special Event Permit Application required by this policy within 15 business days of all requirements being fulfilled, notifying the applicant of the decision. If the application is denied, the reasons shall be set forth in writing, and staff will make every effort to work collaboratively with the applicant to determine alternate conditions which meet the requirements dictated by reviewing departments.

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