Where can I find practice and game schedules?

The coaches set the practice schedules and will provide both practice and game schedules to parents. Game schedules will also be posted online prior to the first game. Visit the Youth Game and Evaluation Schedules page to see schedules for each sport once they are posted.

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1. I registered my child for a sport, but I haven't heard anything. When will I be contacted with further information and by whom?
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3. Can my children be on the same team?
4. Can I request that my child be placed on the same team as his/her best friend/neighbor/school mate?
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8. When is the skills evaluation day? When are the dates and times posted and where?
9. How about information on Tackle football registration and weigh-ins? Where are the dates, times and locations posted? Where are the age and weight charts?
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11. How many practices and games will there be per week?
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13. Where can I find practice and game schedules?
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16. Where do I find out whether a game will be canceled due to inclement weather?
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