What are the minimum submittal requirements?
  1. Completed Submittal Package Checklist (PDF)
  2. Transmittal letter to include a narrative - a letter that explains the project. The letter must include a summary of the project parameters, offsite improvements, variances requested or previously granted, previous City Council or Planning Commission action, proffers, prior agreements, and any other items which will help determine the appropriate review action required for the project.
  3. Complete development plans submitted through eBUILD.
  4. Erosion and Sediment Control Plan Sheet (PDF)
  5. Landscape Plan Sheet (PDF)
  6. See Review Fee Schedule
  7. Water and Sewer Calculations
  8. Drainage Calculations, including Drainage Narrative and Drainage Area Map
  9. Stormwater Management Calculations
  10. Pavement Design Calculations
  11. See Public Facilities Manual (PFM), Chapter 1, for additional submittal information.

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