When is a final site plan required?

A final Site Plan is required for any construction, use, change in use, or other development in all zoning districts. However, certain development activities are exempt from this requirement.

  • Single-family or two-family dwelling construction, or accessory structure construction
  • Agricultural activity
  • Permitted use of a temporary nature
  • Deposit and contouring of fill unless the Director of Development and Permits or Public Utilities determines a plan is required
  • Expansion of a use on an existing site unless:
    • The sale or storage of gasoline on hazardous material is involved as part of the use
    • The Zoning Administrator or designee determines that such change or expansion gives rise to the need for additional parking or off-street loading under the requirements of the Zoning Ordinance
    • In the case of an expansion, the expansion exceeds twenty-five (25)% of the gross floor area of the existing building or of the area occupied by the use
    • The Director of Development and Permits or designee requires additional ingress/egress, change in ingress / egress or additional public improvements because of the nature in the use
    • Additional ingress/egress or alteration of existing ingress/egress is proposed
    • The Director of Public Utilities or designee requires the extension of utility service or modification of existing service to support the change in or expansion of the use

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