What is Cost Estimate - Bond Figure?

The developers or their authorized representatives shall submit a written request that states the type of bond required. The request must be on a company letterhead that includes the company address, phone number, or by email that shows the official company address.

The bond estimate is prepared by the City. The bond is intended to cover the required improvements shown on the approved construction plan and plat. In order to establish consistency for all project estimates, the City has prepared the below Unit Price Worksheet to be used for calculating bond figures which is updated / adjusted every year based on the inflation factor in the ENR Construction Cost Index.

Complete Unit Price Worksheet (XLS)

  • Offsite (ROW) Improvements
  • Onsite (Non-ROW) Improvements
  • Total Performance Bond
  • Land Disturbing Permit Bond
  • Stormwater Permit Bond

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1. What is Cost Estimate - Bond Figure?
2. What are the methods for calculations?