What is required for the home study?
  • Home visits to your home
  • Three references per adult applicant
  • Federal, state, and local criminal checks
  • Child abuse and neglect checks
  • Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) checks
  • Tuberculosis (TB) tests or TB assessments on all household members
  • A physical on all adult caretakers within the last 12 months
  • Financial paperwork
  • Fire escape plan and disaster plan
  • Proof of marriages and all divorces
  • Animal shot records and license
  • Other information

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1. How does a child become involved in the Foster Care System?
2. Which children are in most need of placement?
3. Can I bring my child to Chesapeake Social Services and place my child in foster care?
4. What are the basic requirements to be a foster parent?
5. What are the responsibilities of the foster parent?
6. What support is there for foster/resource parents?
7. What is required for the home study?
8. How do I become a Chesapeake Connections specialized foster parent?
9. Who pays for the child in the home?
10. Who do I contact for more information?