How do you recognize abuse and neglect?

The most commonly recognized types of abuse and neglect are physical abuse, physical neglect, emotional abuse, emotional neglect, and sexual abuse or exploitation. Signs of abuse and neglect include:

  • A child with repeated injuries such as bruises, welts, or burns
  • A child who is withdrawn, angry, depressed, aggressive
  • A child who exhibits extremes in behavior, such as being excessively aggressive or being overly compliant; being afraid to go with a caretaker or clinging and not wanting to separate
  • A child who is inadequately dressed for the weather, is malnourished, physically dirty, tired, or unsupervised; or is not receiving needed medical treatment
  • A child who shows signs of or reports sexual abuse or has a sexually transmitted disease

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1. How do you recognize abuse and neglect?
2. What can you do?
3. Does CPS become involved in child custody or visitation disputes?
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