What are the requirements for submitting new commercial building plans?

Plan Review Requirements Based upon the 2018 International Building Code

  1. Submittal letter (cover letter) from Architect or Engineer
  2. One complete set of building plans including a site plan showing the building location and finished floor elevations

Information Required on Building Construction Plans

  • A title block on the cover sheet or front page which includes:
    • The design code used and the edition of the code
    • Use Group
    • Type of Construction
    • List of all installed Fire Protection features (Identify if the building is sprinklered)
    • Code design options
    • Square footage of building and rooms; occupant load total
  • Building plans, stamped, signed and sealed by the architect or designer shall include:
    1. All appropriate wall, floor, and foundation sections
    2. Complete door schedule with catalog cuts for all doors and hardware (including locksets)
    3. Complete interior finish schedule with flame spread rating
    4. List of all rated assemblies (include a diagram of assembly and design number) and penetration number
    5. Details showing all handicapped requirements with compliance with ICC/ANSI - A117.1, 2009 Edition
    6. Electrical plans (show location of all exit and means of egress lighting.)
    7. Plumbing plans with riser diagrams of waste and vent piping and size of piping
    8. Mechanical plans showing equipment sizes and ductwork and locations
  • Complete information for all special occupancy requirements (hazardous uses, high rise, and covered mall)
  • Statement of Special Inspections (2018 Version) (PDF)
  • Geo Tech/Soil Report
  • Calculations showing compliance with the Model Energy Code, 2018 Edition

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