What should I bring upon notification of plan approval?

To begin the permit process, you can enter a permit application via our eBUILD system or bring the following documents:

  1. Approved final site plan from Development and Permits / Development Engineering
  2. Virginia State Contractor's License
  3. City of Chesapeake Business License
    • The Commissioner of the Revenue for the City of Chesapeake requires a city business license for a contractor whose business is based in the City of Chesapeake
    • Out-of-state contractors must obtain a City of Chesapeake Business License
    • Other Virginia municipality city business license is recognized until the threshold of contract value work conducted in Chesapeake accumulates to $25,000 in a calendar year; when this contract value is reached, a Chesapeake City Business License is required.

Upon the arrival at the Department of Development and Permits, a Zoning Plans Examiner will review your request for compliance with the Chesapeake Zoning Ordinance. You may need to visit the Development Construction Division on the 3rd floor of City Hall for a Land Disturbance Permit and bonding requirements and payments. Once all reviews have been completed and approved you will make payments for water, sewer and HRSD as well as permit fees and your permit will be issued.

When submitting online via the eBUILD system, the same process takes place electronically and you will be notified to pay any fees due when the permit is ready.

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