Why was the rate increased in the first place?

The Stormwater Utility Fee was increased to maintain current levels of services and in response to requests from the community for more improvements to the stormwater system. With more than 2,700 miles of open ditch, nearly 1,100 miles of underground pipe, and nearly 37,000 drainage structures throughout the City, the previous rate could not properly fund these projects. Additionally, the Stormwater Utility Fee has not changed since 2010 so the increase will help meet current economic demands.

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1. Why was the rate increased in the first place?
2. What happened that caused the December 2022 bill to be incorrect?
3. Why can't you start the rate increase January 1, 2023 and forget about what wasn't collected?
4. What if I already paid my June 2023 bill?
5. What if I can't afford to pay my bill?
6. What if I didn't own my property for the entire billing period of July 1 - Dec. 31, 2022?
7. Will this increase also affect my water bill?
8. What time frame does this bill cover?