General Knowledge on Your Violation:

When watching your violation video at, there will be a yellow orb in the top left corner. This is tied to the yellow lights flashing on top of the bus. Most violation videos will have 5-6 seconds of yellow light activation prior to the red lights and stop arm activating. Often, the lights are yellow prior to the video starting, indicating longer than 5-6 seconds. If you do not see the yellow lights in your video, the lights on the bus were red for a long period of time prior to your violation. 

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1. How do I know the bus is going to stop?
2. Where are bus stops?
3. What times do buses run?
4. Where are the schools in the City of Chesapeake?
5. Do private school buses have cameras?
6. How are citations reviewed?
7. If you have received a notice of violation/summons in the mail, please see the below commonly asked questions/concerns:
8. Is this a real citation?
9. How do I view my violation videos on the internet?
10. What is the fine?
11. How do I pay?
12. Can I pay at a City office?
13. Will I get DMV points on my license?
14. I was not driving my car, what do I do?
15. How do I appeal/contest my violation?
16. My car/license plate was stolen, what do I do?
17. I did not receive the original mail, what do I do?
18. General Knowledge on Your Violation: