Motor Vehicle License Fee Rates

Month Registered with the City

 Vehicle TypeJanuary 1 to June 30July 1 to December 31
Passenger Vehicles$26.00$.00
Over 4,000 lbs.$32.00$.00
Motorcycle Sidecars$8.00$.00
Trailers less than 10,000 GW$7.00$.00
Trailers greater than 10,000 GW$19.00$.00
Trucks 4,000 or less GW$26.00$.00
Trucks 4,001 to 10,000 GW$32.00$.00
10,001 to 25,000 GW$40.00$.00
25,001 to 40,000 GW$68.00$.00
40,001 to 55,000 GW$90.00$.00
55,001 to 70,000 GW$141.00$.00
Over 70,000 GW$170.00$.00

Note: License fees are not prorated.

Special Designations for State License Plates

DV (Disabled Veteran)No charge
F (Farm)Half Price
HP (Handicap)Regular Fee
NG (National Guard)Half Price
POW (Prisoner Of War)No charge
(Limit one vehicle only)
Antique Car$10.00 charge for the first year registered as antique;
no charge for subsequent years registered as antique
(must be registered as antique)