Bridges & Structures Division

The City of Chesapeake is home to over 90 bridges, including six drawbridges! The Bridges and Structures Division of Public Works is tasked with maintaining and operating most of these structures, including three of the drawbridges.


Former Drawbridges

  • South Norfolk Jordan Bridge, replaced by a fixed span bridge of the same name, Poindexter Street (Privately-owned toll facility)
  • Steel Bridge, replaced by the fixed span Veterans Bridge in December 2014, Dominion Boulevard (City-owned future toll facility)

Restricted Periods

  • Restricted periods take place Monday through Friday except for federal holidays during the hours noted for each bridge. During restricted periods, bridges will open for cargo vessels and tug boats with a two-hour advance reservation. Pleasure craft may be let through on these reserved openings but there will not be any openings just for pleasure craft during restricted periods. All bridges will open on demand at any time for vessels carrying hazardous materials, government vessels or any vessel in an emergency situation. Local media is notified and disseminates information of reserved opening times during restricted hours. 

Further Information