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Real Estate Tax Information Website

The following concerns real estate tax information and subscription services

The user of this service will have access to all of the outstanding real estate taxes and stormwater fees, both current and delinquent, on a parcel located in the City of Chesapeake.

Real Estate Tax Information Website (Subscription based)

This service does not process real estate tax and stormwater payments or provide payment history. For further information concerning this subscription based program, please contact the Treasurer's Office at 757-382-6281 or

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Subscription Information & Fees

The subscription service has three costs associated with the type of usage the subscriber desires.

  • Annual fee of $1,100 will allow for unlimited searches for the year. The period continues for twelve months from the enrollment date. The annual fee allows for the set up of 10 individual users per account.
  • Monthly fee of $100 will allow for unlimited searches for one month. The period is calculated from the date of enrollment. Per page search fee of $.50 will provide printing for one page.

Stormwater Fees

  • Stormwater management fees will only appear on the parcel's printout if the fees are unpaid.
  • New year annual stormwater fees are put to record during the third week of each January. The fee for a single residence is $136.20, which is payable in installments, with half ($68.10) due by June 5th and the balance ($68.10) by December 31st.

Property Information

If you are looking for free property information, please visit the property information database or contact the Real Estate Assessor's Office.