Treasurer's Office

City Hall


  1. Animal Licensing Changes

    The City has transitioned to a new system called PetData for processing animal licenses.  Renewal notices are now being sent out to pet owners via USPS. Frequently asked questions about licensing can be found on the City's PetData website

Treasurer's Office Mission Statement

"We are dedicated to serving our citizens in a professional, efficient and courteous manner, being sensitive to their needs, with a commitment to exceeding their expectations."

The Treasurer's Office is the official collector of the City's receivables. It is responsible for the collection of personal property taxes, real estate taxes, stormwater fees, and solid waste fees. In addition to collecting taxes, the Treasurer collects other delinquent fees such as emergency medical services fees, delinquent terminated water accounts, parking tickets, and miscellaneous invoices. The Treasurer's Office is also responsible for investing the City's money and reconciling City bank accounts.

The Treasurer's Office also issues animal licenses, and hunting and fishing licenses.

Alternative payment programs, such as Easy Pay (automatic debit program), are available to help citizens pay their taxes. Online payments can be paid either by check or debit or credit card. Learn more about these online payment options.