Bids & Proposal Information

Public Notice of Procurement Opportunities & Awards

The City of Chesapeake provides public notice of solicitations by posting to this website, a public bid board located in the offices of the Purchasing Division, and a newspaper of general circulation if required. Bids are posted for a minimum of 10 working days before opening of competitive sealed bids. Requests for Proposals generally close 30 days after they issued.

Soliciting Bids & Proposals

The Purchasing Division maintains a listing of Invitation for Bids (IFB) and Request for Proposals (RFP) under Current Solicitations. Solicitations are also posted on the Bid Board located in the Purchasing Division.

When submitted, your bid or proposal must be signed by an official authorized to enter into contracts and must be delivered sealed to the Purchasing Division. Bids must be received prior to the opening time specified on the bid request. Proposals must be received by the proposal closing date specified in the RFP.

When necessary, the Procurement Administrator may require the submission of surety bonds with certain bids in the form of a certified cashier's check, or bid bond. The amount will be prescribed in the solicitation inviting bids.

Bid Openings

Bids are opened and read publicly in the Purchasing Division. The time, date, and location are shown on the bid request. You may attend bid openings. After public opening, official bid results are not available until they have been tabulated and analyzed. In most cases, apparent low bids will be available at the conclusion of the bid opening. Official bid results are generally available for public review in the Purchasing Division after contract award.

Proposal Review

The Purchasing Division, on the closing date specified in the solicitation, receives proposals. Proposals are reviewed by a panel of experts and ranked according to the announced evaluation criteria. A contract award can be made based on the original submission by an offeror, or negotiations conducted with those firms determined qualified by their rank scoring.

The Procurement Administrator will make notification of any negotiations. Following contract award all firms submitting proposals will be notified of the successful awardee.