Purchasing & Procurement

The Purchasing Division is responsible for procurement management for the City of Chesapeake. The Procurement Administrator oversees all purchasing transactions for goods, services, construction projects, and the sale and disposal of surplus property.


Each year, the City of Chesapeake makes purchases and enters into contracts for millions of dollars worth of goods and services. These contracts range from food to office supplies, computers, equipment leases, building services, and roadway construction. Our suppliers include firms, individuals, licensed professionals, contractors, and others.

The City of Chesapeake seeks to purchase goods and services at competitive prices, and encourages all qualified vendors to submit bids/proposals. The City of Chesapeake recognizes the need for vendors to understand how the public procurement process works if they are to be successful.

Purchasing Objectives

Through the requisition process the Purchasing Division procures the required supplies, equipment, and services for City departments of the right quality and quantity, from the best sources and at the best price. We also ensure items and services are delivered on time and at the proper location.

Purchasing Policies

  • To conduct all purchasing in accordance with the applicable City ordinances, State, and Federal laws.
  • To promote the reputation of the City of Chesapeake for fair dealings, integrity, straightforwardness, and progressiveness.
  • To advance our common goals by avoiding any semblance of favoritism, patronage, or personal preference in the selection of our suppliers.
  • To provide an equal and competitive opportunity to all suppliers by promoting competitive bidding; by providing all interested suppliers with an opportunity to offer their products or services; and by assuring each supplier, or prospective supplier, a fair and open hearing.
  • To establish and maintain courteous, cordial, friendly, and businesslike relationships with our suppliers based on the principles of mutual trust, confidence, assistance, and cooperation.

Working in Purchasing & Procurement

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