Training Academy

The Chesapeake Law Enforcement Training Academy is certified by the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice (DCJS). The mission of the Academy is to provide the highest quality of training to the law enforcement community. The Police Academy is tasked with training police officer candidates in an approximately six (6) month Basic Law Enforcement Class. Each candidate must pass all performance objectives with a one hundred percent (100%) and demonstrate proficiency in law enforcement related skills in order to graduate. The candidates are also subjected to an intense Firearms, Defensive Tactics, Emergency Vehicle Operations, and physical fitness program. This process takes place in a discipline-oriented atmosphere.

The Chesapeake Law Enforcement Training Academy also requires biennial in-service classes, in which incumbent officers must attend to remain proficient in specialty skill areas such as Firearms, Defensive Tactics and Emergency Vehicle Operations. Officers are also supplied with legal updates and re-certified in health related fields.

The Academy also hosts a variety of specialty schools, which are available to the community as well as other law enforcement localities, and is home to a state of the art, thirty-lane Firing Range.

Beyond training, an investigator and recruiter are assigned to the academy. They are responsible for recruiting, applicant testing, selection and background investigations of personnel employed within the department.