Intelligence Section

The Intelligence Section is to initiate, investigate and react to those matters directed to them by the Chief of Police. The Section will be responsible for collecting, collating, evaluating, analyzing, and disseminating criminal data concerning contraband, property trafficking, organized crime and disruptive criminal enterprises, i.e., terrorist groups. Additionally, the Intelligence Section will collect and process data on other criminal activities as directed by the Chief of Police.

The objectives of the Intelligence Section are as follows:

  • To develop and initiate the appropriate efforts necessary to react to those assignments directed to them by the Chief of Police.
  • To provide intelligence and assistance in assuring the security of visiting dignitaries.
  • To increase the interaction and development of rapport between the various agencies of other local, state and federal jurisdictions and the Chesapeake Police Department.
  • To initiate and develop clandestine operations as the need develops, at the discretion of the Chief of Police.
  • To assist other divisions of the Chesapeake Police Department with those investigations and / or complaints that are not practical for them to handle by virtue of their normal operations.