Criminal Investigations Section

The mission of the Criminal Investigations Section is to serve as the investigative body of the Police Department. This Section is charged with the responsibility of investigating all Part I and selected Part II offenses. Investigations assigned to this Section include, but are not limited to: Crimes against persons (Homicides, Robberies, Aggravated Assaults, etc.), Crimes against property (Auto Theft, Burglaries, Larcenies, Fraud, etc.), Special Victims Investigations (Child Abuse, Sexual Crimes, Elderly Abuse), and Intelligence.

The Auto Theft Unit is responsible for the investigation of motor vehicle theft. These duties include conducting interviews and interrogations of potential suspects, witnesses, and crime victims. They are also responsible for maintaining accurate documentation of investigative notes as well as assisting the Commonwealth Attorney's Office in preparation for prosecution of cases. In addition, this unit handles the investigation of hit and run accidents and assists other area departments, as needed, regarding vehicles stolen elsewhere and recovered in Chesapeake. The Auto Theft detectives secure and serve warrants on any individual identified as the offender through the investigative process. As a part of the investigative process the detectives locate and recover stolen autos. In addition, the Auto Theft detectives work in collaboration with other jurisdictions to identify offenders.