Legal Processing for Engineering

Developers, consultants, contractors and builders may mail or hand-deliver documents to DPU Engineering. In the transmittal, include an email address and contact information for the person preparing the document. Address documents to a specific person in DPU Engineering. If unsure of the specific person, please call 757-382-6671.

Upon receipt of the document, it will be routed to the appropriate staff member for review and processing, and an email message will be sent acknowledging receipt of the document. Upon approval and recordation of the document, an electronic copy will be sent to the preparer.

Note: For documents recorded with the Circuit Court, do not use white-out or corrective tape. The Circuit Court rejects documents with white-out or correction tape.


Name of AgreementAdobe PDFMore Information
Deed of Easement (PDF)Fillable FormInstructions (PDF)
Land Locked Property Agreement
for Water and/or Sewer Connection (PDF)
Fillable FormInstructions:
Please type. Do not handwrite.
Sewer Facility Operation and Maintenance Agreement (PDF)Fillable FormPlease type. Do not handwrite.
Temporary Water Meter Agreement (PDF)Fillable FormPlease type. Do not handwrite


Name of ChecklistAdobe PDF
Construction Record Drawing (PDF)Fillable List
Utility Activation Checklist (PDF)Fillable List

Connection Fees

Name of FeesWeb Page
Public Utilities Connection FeesFees


Name of formAdobe PDFMore Info
Backflow Prevention Device Test Report (PDF)Fillable FormPlease type. 
Cost of Utility Improvements (PDF)Fillable Form Please type. 
Deed of Dedication (PDF)Fillable Form Please type. 
Defect Bond (PDF)Fillable Form Please type. 
Defer Connection Fee (PDF)Fillable FormPlease type.
Defer Connection Fee Printable (PDF)Printable FormPlease Print
Field Change Request (PDF)Fillable Form Please type. 
HRSD Interceptor Engineering Project InitiationN/AHRSD
Letter of Credit (PDF)Sample N/A
Runoff Control Permit Application (PDF)
Fillable Form Please type. 
Statement Of Responsibility - Project Fees (PDF)Fillable FormPlease type. 
Affidavit of No Dues & Payment of Claims (PDF)
Fillable Form  Please type.