Phase II

Cost Participation Program (CPP) Update

To date the following neighborhoods have received water and/or sewer services under Phase II:

  • Hoover Sewer (sewer only)

Cost Participation Policy Revised – July 2014 (PDF)

City Council revised the CPP policy on July 22, 2014. The revision changes the advance payment Connection Fee requirement from 75% to 50% +1 of the owners paying. With this change, the following two neighborhoods now meet both the petition and connection fee requirements:

Battlewood Meadows - Sewer (Updated July 2019)

  • Projected Design Completion: January 2018 Plans are at 100% design complete; finalizing Va. Power upgrades for Pump Station delayed project 2 months.
  • Projected Bid: May 2018
  • Projected Construction Startup: August 2018
  • Projected Construction Complete: June 2020
  • Neighborhood Map (GIF)

Manning Court, Wampler Place, Vico Dr, Jolliff Road - Sewer (Updated January 2018)

Wampler Place, Vico Dr - Water (Updated May 2018)

  • Projected Design Completion: December 2016
  • Projected Bid: March 7 2017 (Bid Opening)
  • Projected Construction Startup: August 2017
  • Projected Construction Complete: July 2018

Cost Participation Policy Revised - September 2014 (PDF)

City Council revised the CPP policy on September 23, 2014. The revision allows the inclusion of connection fees as a component of the assessment paid by property owners for a twenty-year period.

Cost Participation Program Neighborhood Meeting Presentation (PDF)

This PowerPoint presentation was shown at the November 20, 2014 neighborhood meeting for the Battlewood Meadows and the Manning, Wampler, Vico and Jolliff areas.

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