Engineering Services

Legal Processing for Engineering

Developers, consultants, contractors and builders may mail or hand-deliver documents to DPU Engineering. In the transmittal, include an email address and contact information for the person preparing the document. Address documents to a specific person in DPU Engineering. If unsure of the specific person, please call 757-382-6671. The mailing address is: 

City of Chesapeake

Public Utilities Engineering

P.O. Box 15225

Chesapeake, VA 23328

Upon receipt of the document, it will be routed to the appropriate staff member for review and processing, and an email message will be sent acknowledging receipt of the document. Upon approval and recordation of the document, an electronic copy will be sent to the preparer.

Note: For documents recorded with the Circuit Court, do not use white-out or corrective tape. The Circuit Court rejects documents with white-out or correction tape.

Engineering & Construction Services

  • Assistance regarding the City's water and sanitary sewer system
  • Review of plans for all new development projects which impact the utility system
  • Assignment of connection fees for all new construction
  • Development of City-funded public water and sanitary sewer projects
  • Preliminary cost estimates and feasibility studies
  • Assistance in the coordination of state highway projects and utility construction or relocation
  • Issuance of Northwest River Run-off Control Permits
  • Ensures compliance with the Virginia Underground Damage Prevention Act (underground water and sanitary sewer location)
  • Administers the state-mandated cross-connection control program for the City
  • Maintenance of all utility plans and utility engineering records

Forms & Policies

Try our quick link guide for agreements, checklists, and connection fee forms. Also, find links to local and regional Public Utilities Policies.

Cost Participation Program

The Cost Participation Program (CPP) was initiated to provide the opportunity for neighborhoods without public water and sewer to petition the City for these Services.

Temporary Meters

Any contractor can get a temporary construction meter. To obtain a temporary construction meter the applicant must complete an application and agreement (PDF) for the temporary construction meter. A $150 meter installation fee (5/8 inch meter) must be paid at the time of application. Call 757-382-6050, or 757-382-6671.

Backflow Prevention Program

Backflow is the undesirable reversal of flow of non-drinkable water or other substance into the public water system or consumer's drinking water system. A cross-connection is any connection between a public water system or consumer's potable water system and non-potable water or other substance. An example is the public water system and a homeowner's landscape irrigation system. Only through cross-connection controls and backflow prevention can we be assured that other substances are not contaminating our water system.

Chesapeake Public Utilities has an inspection program to ensure these protections are in place in commercial buildings and businesses. Homeowners may purchase devices for their outside hose faucets from hardware stores.

Cross Connection Resources

Utility Marking

Miss Utility is a statewide program to mark existing underground utilities of all kinds before excavation. This program helps reduce the incidence of accidental cutting of cables, water and sewer lines.

  • Before you dig, call 800-552-7001, or call 811 in Virginia
  • Check the status of the marking requests by calling 800-552-3120

To identify the colored markings you see on the street or your property, visit the Miss Utility website.

More City Services

Development, Land Use & Construction in the City of Chesapeake.