Water & Sewer Services: Stop, Start, Connect

To Set Up Service or Re-establish Service

Complete and sign the water and sewer service application form. Supporting ownership or lease documents may also be required. If uncertain about what documents are needed, inquire at 757-382-6352.

Email the application, copies of each applicant's driver's license, and supporting documents.

Or, you may also mail or deliver the application and copies of each applicant's driver's license to:

Department of Public Utilities
306 Cedar Road
Chesapeake, VA 23322

If you cannot be home when your water is turned on, fill out this Release Form (PDF) and fax it to 757-382-8546 or email it to the Customer Service Division.

To Stop Service

Call 757-382-6352 or visit the Public Utilities office in City Hall between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Friday to speak with one of our Customer Service representatives. A written request to terminate services is required for all business accounts.

Once you have opened or re-established your service, you can pay your bill or find account information and locate rates and fees online.

Construction & Development

To Connect a Property

If City water and sewer is available to a property, connecting to City water and sewer will require payment of appropriate water and sewer connection fees. Water service lines will be installed by City forces and a City independent contractor can install sewer service lines at the request of the homeowner at an additional cost.

Chesapeake City water and/or sewer are considered available if the property borders a City right-of-way or alley where there are City water and/or sewer lines installed in the right-of-way or alley are adjacent to the property. The parcel to be served must be wholly within the Utility Franchise Area. (See Utility Availability in Development, Land Use and Construction.) If a property does not have right-of-way frontage, call 757-382-6671 to learn if connection is still possible. For more information, call 757-382-6050.

If City water and sewer is not available to the property, then the property can be served by a private well and septic tank. Contact the Chesapeake Health Department at 757-382-8672 or 757-382-8666 about the use of private wells and septic tanks.

If you are developing a neighborhood or property or building a home, learn more about the department's engineering and construction services.

Connecting a Neighborhood

In most cases, developers extend City water and/or sewer for their projects. The City may extend water and/or sewer by way of a City Capital Improvement Project or through the City's Cost Participation Program, which provides a way for unserved neighborhoods to petition the city for water and sewer services.

Connection Fees

  • Connection Fee Chart
  • Connection fees are required for all new service locations.
  • Water and sewer connection fees are based on water meter size and whether the City or a developer extended the water and/or sewer mains for a new service.
  • 757-382-6671 for more information on connection fees

Locating a Tap

To locate a tap, call 757-382-6050 or 757-382-6671.

For More Information

Call 757-382-6352 or visit the Public Utilities office in City Hall between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.