What should I know about wildlife

Common Sense Precautions That All Citizens Should Practice

  • Keep tree branches trimmed away from your home
  • Seal openings to your crawl space, attic or roof
  • Cover dryer, stove and exhaust vents
  • Consider a chimney cover to prevent birds from nesting there
  • Do not feed pets out of doors, or immediately remove food dishes after a pet has eaten
  • Keep pet rabies vaccinations current at all times
  • Keep pets confined to prevent contact with wildlife. Bring pets indoors at night.
  • Secure pet doors at night.
  • Do not feed wildlife; this will encourage them to return. It may also lead them to expect other humans, who might be fearful of wildlife, to feed them
  • Keep garbage tightly secured
  • Do not chase, corner or try to pet or touch wildlife

Sites with Techniques That Will Deter or Discourage Wildlife

Licensed Wildlife Rehabilitators

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