Project Planner


The Project Planner was created to facilitate planning by building a schedule that contains the major steps involved in a typical development project. Projects can be efficiently executed by working with City staff to identify the optimum sequence of project tasks and their duration. City staff is available to assist with meeting the desired project goals and timeframes.


  • Tasks: Tasks are identified for typical projects. Applicants should set up pre-application / design meetings to determine the specific requirements for their particular project.
  • Time: Schedule time - This planner provides a range of times that represents typical projects. The City has worked closely with applicants to meet desired schedules. Planning the sequence of tasks in advance with City staff will accommodate the optimum schedule.
  • Version: The Project Planner has been tested on Microsoft Excel 2003, 2007 and 2010. Depending on compatibility, the planner may not work on other versions of Microsoft Excel.

Disclaimer: This worksheet is a tool to help customers navigate a portion of the development process. This is not a tool to provide an entirely comprehensive list of steps for the development process. The customer remains responsible for complying with all applicable laws, as well as City policies and procedures that may not be specifically outlined in the worksheet. 

Project Planner Instructions

Project Planner (XLMS)