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Chesapeake Parks, Recreation and Tourism Department is dedicated to providing and promoting a wide variety of healthy, wholesome and culturally diverse activities, events, services and programming to enhance the quality of life for all Chesapeake residents and visitors.

Basketball TeamWe understand that some Chesapeake families find it harder for their children to participate in activities because of cost, and that's where the Youth Scholarship Program is able to assist. Scholarships in the amount of $65 per calendar year are available to Chesapeake youth ages 17 and under whose family receives public assistance as defined and confirmed by the Chesapeake Human Services Department.

Examples of fee-based programs to which this program would apply are: instructional classes including therapeutic recreation programs, park programs, athletics leagues, and skate park memberships.

Consider making a tax-deductible donation to the Youth Scholarship Program so a child can participate in a healthy developmental activity who otherwise may not be able to. For information on how to donate, call 757-382-6411. If you know someone who would benefit from the program, the application and additional information can be found on our Donate and Sponsor page.

Thanks to Our Newest Youth Program Scholarship Sponsor, Recyclops