911 Emergency Communications

911 Center Hiring PosterThe Emergency Communications Center is the 911 Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) for citizens and visitors to the City of Chesapeake, Virginia needing assistance from Police, Fire, Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and Animal Services in emergency and non-emergency situations. All public safety personnel are dispatched and tracked by emergency communications personnel.

Typically, the Emergency Communications Center processes about 410,000 telephone calls per year. The Emergency Communications Center monitors, transmits and receives millions of 800 MHz radio transmissions each year to dispatch, monitor and coordinate other public safety field responders.

In addition to entering 911 calls for public safety response, Public Safety Telecommunicators provided emergency medical dispatch (EMD) instructions. EMD is when the Public Safety Telecommunicator gives life-saving or life-sustaining instruction to the caller. Using EMD instructions from the Public Safety Telecommunicator, the caller can help themselves, or others in medical need until emergency medical services (EMS) arrive.

The computer aided dispatch system (CAD) allows emergency communications personnel to efficiently and professionally monitor the safety of persons calling 911 and all Police, Fire and EMS personnel in the City, as well as many other state and local agency personnel.

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Emergency Communications Center