Digital Guidelines

Guidelines for Electronic Preliminary Plan & Subdivision Plat Submittals

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The City of Chesapeake requires electronic copies of all preliminary subdivision plans submitted to the Planning Department and subdivision plats submitted to Public Works. To avoid resubmitting and to speed up application processing, please conform to the following guidelines:

  • AutoCAD .dwg file format
  • Must have a Projected Coordinate System associated with the above file. City Standard is "NAD1983 VA State Plane South FIPS 4502 Feet," but should at least include some type of projected coordinate system
  • Parcel lines, right-of-way lines, and easements for the property in question must be visible. Should corroborate what is contained on the submitted hardcopy plat
  • Subdivision Plats must include the Public Works account number (AC#) within/or adjacent to the legend
  • Must be submitted at the same time as Preliminary Plan and Subdivision Plat Applications (Submittal deadline of the Monday on or after the 15th of the month)