Vacation of Property Lines

What is a Vacation of Property Lines?

The City of Chesapeake Zoning Ordinance, Article 19-201(B), requires property owners that propose to combine two or more lots of record into one development site to vacate the interior lot lines to produce a single lot.

What Is the Procedure to Vacate Interior Lot Lines?

  • The Virginia State Code and the City Subdivision Ordinance authorize the vacation of property lines with the recordation of a deed in certain circumstances. An attorney hired by the property owner typically prepares the deed vacating the property line(s).
  • The Planning Department will review the deed as to its form and content. Any necessary revisions to the document will be relayed to the applicant in writing. Once the review and all necessary revisions are complete, the applicant will provide a fully executed copy of the deed for the Planning Director, or designee, to sign.
  • The fully executed deed will then be returned to the applicant for recordation with the Circuit Court Clerk's Office. The applicant is responsible for all fees required for recordation.
  • Property lines may also be vacated by resubdivision of a plat. Please see the Agricultural Division & Resubdivision website for additional information.

Time Frame

Planning Department review is approximately two (2) weeks


The recording fee of the Clerk of the Circuit Court Office is $32