Fentress Airfield (AICUZ)

In the early 1970s the Department of Defense (DOD) established the Air Installations Compatible Use Zones (AICUZ) Program to balance the need for aircraft operations and community concerns. The goal of the AICUZ Program is to protect the health, safety, and welfare of those living near a military airport while preserving its defense-flying mission. The AICUZ guidelines define zones of high noise and accident potential and recommend land uses that are compatible with these zones. Local land use guidelines are encouraged to adopt these guidelines. The Fentress Airfield Overlay District shall include all lots within the city located partially or wholly within the AICUZ noise contours for greater than 75 dB Ldn (noise zone 3) on that certain map entitled "NAS Oceana / NALF Fentress 1999 Noise Contours and APZs," including all future amendments thereto.