Parking Recreational Equipment in Residential Area

Where Major Recreational Equipment Is Permitted to Be Parked or Stored

The City of Chesapeake Zoning Ordinance defines major recreational equipment is as "including boats and boat trailers, travel trailers, pickup campers or coaches (designated to be mounted on motor vehicles), motorized dwellings, tent trailers, racing and recreational cars and/or motorcycles not licensed for use on public streets and highways; similar devices or structures; and cases or boxes and trailers designated or used for transporting recreational equipment, whether or not they contain such equipment".

Major recreational equipment can be parked or stored on any lot in a residential district only in a carport or enclosed building or behind the nearest portion of a building to a street, provided that such equipment may be parked anywhere on residential premises during loading and unloading for not longer than 24 hours. In a townhouse or multi-family district, major recreational equipment parking / storage is not permitted unless there is a common storage / parking area provided by the subdivision / development.