Permits for Model Homes

The Zoning Administrator may approve the construction of up to four single-family homes; or four duplex buildings; or one row of townhouses not to exceed eight attached dwelling units, per preliminary plan approval.

The developer/contractor must make a written request to the Zoning Administrator for the construction of a model home. For zoning approval, construction and occupancy is to be in accordance with the following criteria, which are not subject to modification:

  1. Public Works Department has approved a final subdivision or site plan for the property where the model homes are to be located
  2. Model homes must meet all design, development and performance standards as delineated in this ordinance
  3. The lots have direct access to streets for which final subdivision plans have been approved and the base stone installed to accommodate emergency vehicles as determined by the department of public works
  4. An operational municipal system or alternate water source, as approved by the fire department in accordance with the public facilities manual, is installed and made available to the lots where model homes are to be located
  5. Street signs, which are to be maintained by the builder until the plat has been recorded, have been approved by the departments of planning and public works and installed where the model homes are located
  6. Notwithstanding section 78-86 of the City Code, all necessary fees have been paid as they relate to water and sewer service connections for each model to be constructed provided, however, that no permanent certificate of occupancy shall be issued until the city certifies that the model homes are connected to required water and sewer service

Prior to construction of model homes under this section, the applicant must obtain building permits as required by this ordinance and the Uniform Statewide Building Code.

After construction of the model homes in accordance with all criteria herein, a temporary certificate of occupancy, which shall expire twenty-four (24) months after issuance, must be obtained from the Department of Development and Permits allowing the use of the building as a model home. Upon expiration of the temporary certificate of occupancy, a permanent certificate must be obtained.

A model home shall not be used as a residence until after the final subdivision plat has been approved by the city and recorded with the clerk of the circuit court and a permanent certificate of occupancy is issued. Additionally, failure to comply with any requirement herein may result in revocation of the certificate of occupancy, temporary or permanent, by the city.

Make written request to:

Zoning Administrator
Department of Development and Permits
P.O. Box 15225
Chesapeake, VA 23328

Attach copies of utility construction plan and site plan for the model with the written request.