Home Occupations

Types of Home Occupations

Level I - Restricted to occupations that are not observable to the neighborhood and with no employees other than family members who reside on the property.

Level II - Occupations that rely on customer trade and have a potentially adverse impact on the neighborhood.

Level I Home Occupations; Standards of Operation

Chesapeake, Zoning Ordinance: § 14-301.

Level II Home Occupations

Chesapeake, Zoning Ordinance: § 14-302.

Uses Specifically Prohibited

Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in this ordinance, the following uses are specifically prohibited as home occupations:

  1. Tattoo parlors, including permanent make-up.
  2. Any use associated with the repair or servicing of internal combustion engines with the exception of those authorized by a conditional use permit under section 14-302 A above.
  3. Motor vehicle engine and body repair, renovation, or painting.
  4. Tow truck service, including parking of tow trucks on the premises.
  5. Junkyards, automobile graveyards and tow truck storage yards, as defined in section 19-51 of the city code.
  6. Solid waste management facilities, as defined in section 62-86 of the city code.
  7. Used or new motor vehicle sales.
  8. Riding or boarding stables or kennels, except in the A-1 agricultural district when authorized under section 14-302.A.10 above.
  9. Veterinary clinics or hospitals.
  10. Funeral chapels, funeral homes or crematoriums.
  11. Restaurants, clubs or drinking establishments.
  12. Sexually oriented businesses as defined in section 13-1102 of the Chesapeake Zoning Ordinance.
  13. Manufacturing or processing.
  14. Other activities and land uses which the zoning administrator determines to be substantially similar in character, nature, intensity or impact to the activities listed above.

For information concerning Conditional Use Permits, please contact the Planning Department at 757-382-6176.