Solar Energy Policy

On July 16, 2019 Council adopted the Solar Energy Facilities Ordinance (PDF) amending City Code to include solar energy facilities. The City of Chesapeake Solar Energy Policy (PDF), dated June 27, 2019, was also adopted by City Council. This policy includes draft example stipulations.

At the December 21, 2021 City Council Work Session, staff requested that City Council direct staff to review the Chesapeake Solar Energy Policy ("Solar Policy") and make recommendations for amendments. The Solar Energy Policy Update (PDF) was heard and adopted by City Council at the August 9, 2022 City Council meeting.

Approved Solar Farms in Chesapeake, VA

Record Number
City Council Approval Date
Grassfield Sun FarmPLN-USE-2017-05702/19/2019
Bedford SolarPLN-USE-2018-03210/15/2019
Hickory SolarPLN-USE-2018-04202/13/2018, amended on 01/15/2019
Chesapeake SolarPLN-USE-2019-04306/15/2021
Borrego SolarPLN-USE-2020-04210/19/2021
Centerville SouthPLN-USE-2021-01812/21/2021
Centerville NorthPLN-USE-2021-02212/21/2021
Pocaty River SolarPLN-USE-2022-00706/20/2023
Land of Promise SolarPLN-USE-2022-00806/20/2023
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