Swine Ordinance

The City of Chesapeake establishes code standards for the keeping of swine in an agriculture district only.

Regulations for the keeping of swine are found within the City of Chesapeake's Municipal Code (Section 10-18) which requires the property owner to keep the facility and pen location in a sanitary manner, control of vegetation, and follow the feeding requirements. The Environmental Quality Control Committee has been appointed to review swine operations and make recommendations for corrective action when a violation is discovered.

Keeping Pigs as Pets

Vietnamese Potbellied Pigs, Juliana Pigs, or veterinarian-certified similar breeds as defined in Zoning Ordinance Section 14-903 are not classified as swine. These pet pigs may be kept as a pet in a residential zoning district. The Zoning Administrator shall require a licensed veterinarian's certification that any pig kept in a residential zoning district is a Vietnamese Potbellied Pig, Juliana Pig, or breed that is of similar size, weight, and behavioral characteristics. A zoning permit issued by the zoning administration is required and shall be renewed on an annual basis. See Article 14-903 of the Zoning Ordinance found online within the Municipal Code for more information regarding restrictions on keeping pigs as pets.