Non-Agricultural Outdoor Sales

Non-agricultural sales facility means any outdoor sales facility that is less than 250 square feet in size and is not part of a bona fide agricultural, horticultural or aquacultural operation.

  • Non-agricultural outdoor sales must be located in a zoning district where commercial use is permitted or if a conditional use permit is required for the activity. The permit must be obtained before the activity occurs on the site.
  • Sales cannot exceed 90 days.
  • The facility cannot exceed two hundred fifty (250) square feet in area.
  • The facility must be set back a minimum of fifty (50) feet from the nearest edge of the sidewalk pavement or street pavement; if there is no sidewalk of any public right-of-way that abuts or is in close proximity to the property.
  • The facility is set back a minimum of one hundred (100) feet from any adjoining lot which is zoned or used for residential purposes.
  • The site of the facility must have off-street parking arrangements.
    • An entrance from the street must be available that is not less than thirty (30) feet in width or such larger size.
    • An area of sufficient size of five customer parking spaces and additional parking for employees, plus an adequate area for safe and efficient traffic circulation must be delineated on the site plan.
    • The parking area need not be paved, but must be vegetated, graveled, or subject to other appropriate dust control measures as required by the Development Engineering Division.

How to Apply for a Permit

  1. You can submit your permit record via our eBUILD system. Or if you prefer to come to the office, upon arrival at City Hall, 2nd Floor, Department of Development and Permits, you will sign in at the front counter to see a Zoning Plans Examiner.
  2. Zoning Officer will give you an Outdoor Sales package which includes an Outdoor Sales Application (PDF), the Commissioner of Revenue's and the Development Engineering Division's Letter of Referral.
  3. After the Commissioner of Revenue (City Hall, 1st Floor) and the Development Engineering Division (City Hall, 3rd Floor) sign off on your application, you will return to the Zoning Officer.
  4. The Zoning Officer will issue an outdoor sales permit. The permit fee is $55.

Outdoor Sales on Church Property

  1. Permit will be issued to the Church members who are conducting the occasional sale and solely for the benefit of the Church, such as semi or annual bazar.
  2. Monthly, weekly, or daily yard sales are prohibited.
  3. A separate sale to donate partial profits to the Church is prohibited.
  4. Fee is not required for this permit.